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Surrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a child for you. Though it is an emotionally intense and legally complex arrangement, it is growing in popularity among intended parents as a way of having children.

Surrogacy in India requires a lot of time, research, money and patience to succeed. But it can bring happiness to all concerned if the medical, legal, financial and emotional aspects are properly considered.

Why choose surrogacy?

You and your partner may choose surrogacy if you can't carry a pregnancy, because:

  • You have had recurrent miscarriages.

  • You are medically not advised pregnancy due to your health condition

  • Your uterus (womb) is medically not fit or absent, either since birth or after a hysterectomy.

  • Fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF) have failed.

  • You are in a same-sex partnership or you are single

How does surrogacy work?

Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy occurs when a surrogate woman carries a baby conceived from her own egg with the agreement of granting parental rights of the child to the Intended Parent (s) after the birth. Donor sperms / sperms of the male Intended Parent may be used; however the surrogate mother in this type of surrogacy arrangement is genetically linked to the child.

Gestational Surrogacy

In gestational surrogacy, a woman carries a child conceived from the egg of either the female intended parent or the egg donor. A gestational surrogate mother, has no genetic link to the child she carries. In India and at our clinics we offer Gestational Surrogacy only.

Gestational surrogacy offers several advantages. It involves at least one genetic relationship to the child, and the laws governing gestational surrogacy, though varied by country and state, allow for a more smooth process to establish parental rights. Our legal team assists you in verifying your country laws to take the baby back home.

How long does it take to engage a surrogate mum?

Our surrogacy clinics have a large database of surrogates willing to become a surrogate listed with them. These females are clinically tested, psychologically counseled and family history checked. Their husbands are also counseled and their support to their wives verified. There is no waiting list. Once you select the egg donor / the female intended parent is ready we can start the process. It would typically take us 4 – 6 weeks from your approval to cycle the surrogate to accept the embryos.

What's the success rate of Surrogacy?

Analyzing statistics for the success rate for surrogacy in India is virtually impossible, as too many factors go into the mix. However, we can offer you success rates of each surrogacy clinic as per age of the female intended parent who donates her eggs. The success rate of surrogacy with an egg donor are higher than 60 % in first try and 80 % in two tries.

What are the advantages of surrogacy?

If you can not conceive, surrogacy gives a chance for you and your partner to parent a child who is genetically yours. This genetic link may be through your partner's sperm or single male’s sperm or an embryo which was created from your egg and your partner's sperm.

What are the advantages of surrogacy?

For gay male couples, surrogacy offers a route to parenthood with your genetic link in the baby.

Go Surrogacy offers an open arrangement with your surrogate mum, you can be closely involved with the pregnancy and be present at the birth. You can come at all of her medical tests and ultrasounds at the clinic and if you cannot, we will send you all of them by email every 3 – 4 weeks of surrogate pregnancy.

What are the disadvantages of surrogacy?

In addition to the complications which go with fertility treatments and procedures such as IUI, surrogacy is a controversial topic and can be legally complex.

Some surrogates mums experience difficult emotional and psychological issues over letting the baby go. Go Surrogacy ensures that all surrogate mothers and their husbands are sufficiently counseled by a counseler and by a lawyer of the legality and she legally offers her rights over the baby to the Intended Parents.

You may feel suspense and anxiety while waiting for a pregnancy to reach full-term safely. Go Surrogacy’s surrogacy program for you is well knit with the complete services and legality in favour of the Intended Parent for their rights over the baby.

Home surrogate mother in India Surrogacy surrogate mother in India What is Surrogacy ?

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