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Home surrogacy India Surrogacy surrogacy India Surrogacy for Single Men and Women in India is Currently not Allowed by Law

Single Male or Female who desire a child can seek help from us to fulfill their dream.

A of gestational surrogate, egg donation and sperm donation can really help them.

Please note that a due to a recent regulation by the government of India only married couples from abroad can now apply for surrogacy in India. Unmarried Indian citizens and singles can still apply.

Also, you will need to visit India for surrogacy on a medical visa only. To apply for a medical visa, send us your details here and we will send you an invitation letter to apply for medical visa at the Indian embassy.

Surrogacy for Single men

Single men need donated eggs and a surrogate.

Your sperms will be used to fertilize the donated oocytes and the resulting embryos will be implanted in the uterus of a gestational carrier. The egg donor and the surrogate mother are two different females. You can select your donor and your surrogate too !You can send us your request and we will send you our latest donor profiles for selection (with photos).

We can provide Indian egg donors, Premium Indian egg donors as well as Caucasian and other race egg donors for your choice.

Your stay in India will be needed for 5 – 7 days. During this time you will give your semen sample 3 – 4 times for fresh IVF and freezing for future us. You will also sign contracts with the surrogate and can also meet the surrogate mother, if you wish. You will meet the IVF specialist and can ask her all your queries. A Relationship Manager from Go Surrogacy will arrange all appointments and accompany you for all meetings etc.

The birth certificate will be issued in the name of the Single Male / Intended father (Your name). The surrogate’s name will not be mentioned in the birth certificate.

Surrogacy for Single Women

  • Single Women can use self eggs and donor sperms which would mean simple insemination. Surrogacy with both donated eggs and donated sperms is not undertaken by Go Surrogacy.
  • Our sperm banks have sperms of Indian males sperm donors as well as Caucasian and a few other race males. We can send you a few profiles to choose from
  • Single women will need to complete IVF / ICSI cycle with self eggs and donor sperms with the use of surrogate if the need be or if you wish so. The stay in India for the entire process with the IVF cycle will be 18 – 21 days. You stay will be arranged at a hotel near the clinic. To receive a list of accommodation and for your medication protocol before arriving in India, click here.
  • A Relationship Manager from Go Surrogacy will be assigned to you to arrange all appointments at the clinic and accompany you for all meetings. You will visit the clinic every 2 -3 days and receive injections and ultrasound scans. Once ready, your eggs will be retrieved at the clinic / hospital and the resultant embryos will be transferred to the gestational surrogate. To see a full list of our services, click here.
  • During your trip you will also sign legal contracts with the surrogate mother and you can meet her too!
  • The birth certificate will mention the intended mother’s name and not the surrogate’s name.

Cost of Surrogacy in India

The Cost of Surrogacy is offered as a package by Go Surrogacy. The cost varies if you opt for surrogacy with your own eggs or with an egg donor. To get a detailed pricing and payment schedule of surrogacy, click here.

Home surrogacy in India Surrogacy surrogacy in India Surrogacy for Single Men and Women in India is Currently not Allowed by Law

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