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There are many steps to selecting our surrogacy clinic and hiring a surrogate mother in our surrogate program. Below you’ll find a general framework of steps in finding information about surrogacy, costs and the procedure at our clinic. And remember, we will be there walking you through each step as you progress through the process to hire a surrogate mother as easy as possible.

Step One: The basic enquiry by Intended Parent

  • Begin by filling out the enquiry form on the right side or on the enquiry page. This will give us information on your basic details and contact address as well as why you are looking for a surrogate and your country of citizenship for its laws on surrogacy.
  • Once your message is reviewed we will send you a detailed mail with the information on surrogacy with us, IVF specialist information, surrogacy payment schedule and additional charges not included in the package, medical work up of the surrogate and the egg donor and list of hotels and guesthouses near the clinic.
  • At this point a Relationship Manager will call you from our office to speak to you and answer any queries and questions.

Step 2 : Medical records of Intended Parent

  • At this stage we will request you to inform us if you are looking for a cycling the female intended parent for her eggs or would like to hire an egg donor too.

  • We will then seek the medical reports for the male intended parent and the female intended parent [if she is cycling for her eggs] and get the opinion of the IVF specialist on the chance of success based on the reports.

  • If you want to recruit an egg donor too, we will send you our D list regular and A list premium Egg donor profiles to choose from. You may also ask for Caucasian egg donor or other race donor profiles, if you wish.

Step 3 : Answering your queries and making the information more clear

  • We know you have tons of questions to ask and many queries in your mind. We will encourage you to email us your queries for the answers of our team and by the IVF specialist.
  • We will also call you and set up a con – call with the IVF specialist for a more accurate technical answers.
  • We will also send you the pics of the clinic, the videos of the clinic and the IVF specialist, and videos of our previous Intended Parents.
  • More and more communication for information on the whole process and answering your queries will be solicited.

Step 4: Selection of the egg donor and matching the surrogate mother’s cycle with the egg donor / female intended parent

  • We will now ask you to inform us your selected egg donor / inform us the previous 3 cycle dates of the intended parent.
  • We will also ask you to give us the tentative dates of your arrival in India for surrogacy. This will allow us to make a timeline for you and send you.
  • The cycle of the egg donor / female intended parent will now be matched with the cycle of the surrogate and in accordance with your arrival schedule both of them will started on medications for 3 – 4 weeks prior to your arrival.
  • We will also send you draft legal contracts for your approval
  • You will now need to remit the Stage 1 A payment

Step 5 : Egg donor / female intended parent’s IVF cycle and your arrival in India

  • We will book you in your choice of hotel near the clinic and send a car for airport pick up.
  • If you are going for an egg donor, the donor would have been started on hormonal medications for the IVF cycle prior to your arrival and if you are a female intended parent, you will be started on hormonal medications now.
  • You will now visit the IVF clinic and meet the IVF specialist. She will physically check the female intended parent and start her on medications. Blood tests for both intended parents will be done. Semen sample collection of the male intended parent would also be done for semen analysis.
  • You will be required to pay the Stage 1 B cost now

Step 6: Meeting with the surrogate and signing of legal contracts

  • During your stay as per your timeline, you will visit the clinic on several times. The male intended parent will give his semen sample 4 – 5 times for freezing for future use and the female intended parent will be given medications and ultrasound performed on her.
  • You will also meet you surrogate. The surrogate may not be able to converse in English but we will have a translator. You can ask her any questions and click photos with her.
  • We will also have all the contracts ready by now. You will sign all the contracts and so will be signed by the surrogate, her husband and the IVF clinic. You will also sign a contract with Go Health.
  • A copy of the contract after all signatures and stamp of the court will be either handed over to you or sent to your address by FedEx.

Step 7: Egg pick up, IVF and transfer of embryos in the surrogate

  • As per the hormonal stimulation process of the egg donor / female intended parent, we will inform you the date of egg pick up.
  • The donor / female intended parent will be admitted in the IVF clinic for a few hours and her egg retrieved by the IVF specialist and her team of embryologist and other doctors.
  • The male intended parent will give his semen sample for IVF.
  • IVF (ICSI) will be done with the eggs and the semen sample and he IVF specialist will inform you how many eggs were picked up.
  • The IVF specialist will examine the embryos on day 2 and will transfer the embryos in the surrogate on wither day 2 or day 3. The rest of the embryos (super annumary ) will be frozen.

Step 8: IVF and Embryo Transfer Report

  • We will email you the IVF and Embryo Transfer report detailing the number of eggs picked up, embryos and transfer in the surrogate. A photo of the embryos will also be included.

Step 9 : Beta Hcg and Cardiac Activity Ultrasound

  • 14 days after the embryo transfer in the surrogate, the doctor will perform a blood test on her to confirm surrogacy.
  • At 6 weeks of pregnancy the IVF specialist will perform an ultrasound on the surrogate to check the cardiac activity of the fetus.

Step 10: Post Pregnancy Reports and Baby delivery

  • Every 3 – 4 weeks of pregnancy you will receive the information on surrogates blood tests, her general health, ultrasound reports and her pics with the belly. To know details of reports click here.
  • We will inform you by 8th month of pregnancy the estimated date of delivery so that you can apply for leaves and be ready to come to India. We will call you for the date of delivery and inform you to come for delivery.
  • You will be present in the hospital at the time of delivery and the baby will be in the nursery post delivery under the care of expert doctors and nurses and your care.
  • We will inform you by 8th month of pregnancy the estimated date of delivery so that you can apply for leaves and be ready to come to India. We will call you for the date of delivery and inform you to come for delivery.

Step 11: Procedure to take the baby back to your country

  • In a few days (2 -3) days, the baby will be discharged from the hospital and will be with you. We will arrange a nanny and a service apartment for your stay.
  • We will now arrange for your exit with the baby to your country. For the baby exit procedure in details, click here.

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